Jul 30
Welcome to Chariot Urban RE, LLC

Chariot Urban RE, LLC ("CURE") is a diversified, mission-based, minority-owned company focused on revitalizing low-income communities. CURE is a Community Development Entity (CDE) certified by the New Markets Tax Credit Fund a division of the United States Department of Treasury.

Our mission is to create economic growth and development in underserved communities which ultimately lead to job creation and sustainable growth in housing, retail, alternative energy, health care, education and community services.  We focus on providing the right product development for each targeted community in which we operate. We understand that each community is different in that each community has different needs and wants, but more so we understand that our success is tied to the how well our assets are perceived and accepted by the stakeholders in the communities we serve.

CURE delivers value-added returns to investors, while also providing a positive economic, social and environmental impact in the communities in which we operate.